Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

I Hate You, Milkman Fit-To-Page

So, drooling over the MasterMaze pieces has been inspiring me to work on Dirt Cheep Dungeons. My ideal would be to have enough pieces that I could quickly assemble dungeon rooms during play.

But just assembling walls and floor pieces isn't all that interesting, so I decided to try an interesting piece: the Grand Staircase.

I assemble all the pieces over the course of a few hours. And then, as I started to fit the stairs to the wall piece they're going on, I discovered that the two pieces are not on the same scale. Bleah!

The problem was that I had accidentally left the 'fit to page' option checked when I printed out some of the pieces, and they were printed at 92% of their proper size. Bleah bleah bleah.

Lori persuaded me that the right thing to do was to print out other pieces in the same smaller scale, so that I wouldn't have to redo all the work. This is the correct thing--I probably won't get much opportunity to use the Grand Staircase, and when it does come up, I can persuade my players to ignore the discrepancy in scale.

But I was very put out.

(Final result: the Grand Staircase looks very nice, but I look at it and see all the little signs of things being slightly off and not quite exactly matching. Oh well.)
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