Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


We had had D&D scheduled for Tuesday, but Kevin couldn't make it and I was feeling underprepared, so we just had dinner and played games.

Before dinner, Dani and I played Diceland. It's still pretty good.

After dinner, then, we played HACK!

This was a very good emulation of the Knights of the Dinner Table style of munchkin gaming. The different decks did have flavor that matched the characters, and the rules fit with the flavor.

In particular, I liked HACK! a lot more than Munchkin. In particular, I strongly preferred the randomness of encounter resolution in HACK! to that of Munchkin, so much so that I'm considering using it in Munchkin to see if it improves that game.

It clearly showed its lineage from Abduction--not too surprising, because Abduction was by the same company. But that's okay--the developing-the-map aspect of Abduction was very suited to the dungeon-crawling for Hack!.

The main downside is the cost--at $12 per deck, it can add up quickly. Still, I'll keep it in mind; I may well get it at some point.
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