Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
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No porn or pork rinds this weekend. But I did listen to some techno music.

I had seen Deanna's mention of plans for going down to the Strip on Saturday, so I sent mail to Deanna and Eli late on Friday night asking if I might join them. I had been thinking that their morning trip would be like my father-in-law's crack-of-dawn trips, so I kept the phone by my bed and said that it was okay for them to call without worrying about whether they would wake me. This careful planning turned out to be irrelevant, since they called at 10:45am.

I had a pleasant time on the Strip visit with eli and Deanna and David Rochberg.
- I purchased food from Enrico's Biscotti for the first time. (The scone was certainly tasty, but not as astounding as I had hoped.)
- We went into several ethnic variety stores--I remember Oriental, Latin-American, and Italian markets. I felt that I ought to find interesting things to bring back for Sunday dinner, but I was overwhelmed by the number of possibilities, and failed to choose anything.
- We had sushi at Benkovitz; all of it was very tasty to me (I am not very experienced with sushi). On the other hand, sushi always seems a bit pricy to me in comparison to the enjoyment I get. (I also considered the lobster salad roll, since I've been reading about those in Roadfood, but that also struck me as a bit pricey.
- I had thought to get some unusual variety of meat from Jo-Mar Meats for Sunday dinner. Unfortunately, they closed at 1pm, and we arrived just afterwards. But this did lead us to discussing the kosherness of unusual meats like kangaroo (not kosher, I believe) and whether yaks had cloven hooves.
- I was very pleased to be introduced to Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor. (Here is an article.) It was a delightful place, where I got to have an actual phosphate. The peach phosphate I had was a bit too sweet for my taste, but it was still a good experience. (The phrase 'egg cream' always reminds me of Harriet the Spy.)

After the Strip trip, I went on home. I stopped by the library to check out some Perry Mason books. I checked out three books, and ended up finishing them all that day.
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