Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

D&D Geekery

Mike's taking over DMing a game, and had seemed to want a bit of help with statting out NPCs and finding challenges for the players and so forth. So I volunteered to help him out on Monday night, because
a) it's fun to do that sort of geeking,
b) Lori wasn't home, so I was fairly idle anyway, and
c) I feel that I've asked so many people for help developing my own campaign that I owe a karmic debt to try to help others.

It was fun. I picked feats and magic items for some of his NPCs, and I suggested a challenge for the PCs to face. It ended up being kind of a nifty challenge, if I do say so myself--I don't want to give any details, since I think some of his players read my journal, but I look forward to hearing how they deal with the challenge.

Planning out GMing is so much easier with a friend to bounce ideas off of. Maybe I should try applying Extreme Programming principles and organize a game with two GMs and N players.
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