Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Omega World

Kevin's given me a couple of copies of Dungeon magazine. The first issue he gave me was great, because it had an adventure that I could plug in with only minor modifications. (Though I need to make some more modifications now that the PCs have leveled.)

The most recent issue, though, didn't have any adventures that really suited my plans. However, the Polyhedron side of the magazine has a d20 game called Omega World, a d20 adaptation of the old Gamma World game.

It's very clear about what it wants to be: a silly science-fiction game with an extremely relaxed attitude towards realism or play balance, where characters die off often and new ones get rolled up fast.

And from what I can tell from reading, it succeeds at its goal admirably. There's lots of goofy fun with random mutations (the summary for the "No arms" mutation says "Good morning, Mr. Stumpy"), strange technological relics (the text says, "I have to call this a 'laser sword', but you're under no such obligation'), and so forth.

It makes me want to play an adventure or so.
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